Atlantis Gold mobile casino

Atlantis Gold provides a fun, enticing atmosphere for all of the players that choose to join. Not only do they open up a whole new world of gold, but they make sure that everyone leaves a winner.They offer many bonuses, jackpots, and other winnings that you will not be able to pass up. They have many players that frequent, so you can find a lot of friends that enjoy the same types of games that you do. Make sure to check out everything that they have to offer throughout their casino.

Mobile Games

The games that they offer are great. They have everything from slots to table games so you can get your fair share of fun. They have both video slots and classic slots just in case you like the older look and feel that you may be used too. This is always a good thing for long time players of the slots. The table games are also great to play such as baccarat and blackjack. Try your skill at these and enjoy every minute of playing them.


The software is ran by BetOnSoft which is a less known software brand, but still high end. Each of the graphics runs smoothly with the games, the sound is crisp and clear and provides the experience that you would expect to get from a high end casino. Not only that, but they also provide a mobile application that you can use while on the go that doesn’t compromise the quality of the gaming experience.

Customer Service

The customer service staff is always there when you need them through a support ticket in email or by phone. They are friendly and understand many problems that players may face. They walk you through what you need to know in order to make sure you understand and are well on your way to getting your winnings.

Mobile Banking

Banking is secure through their server and they accept a wide amount of different currencies to make the player’s lives a bit easier. The deposit method is pretty open as well since they accept almost any form of payment when it comes to putting money into your account to play with almost instantly. You can also make sure to grab your withdrawal money through them by check or bank account. This may take a couple of days, but if you had high earnings then it can be well worth the wait.

Mobile Bonuses

They have numerous bonuses. One of the biggest is the give back Mondays where they have many different ways for you to get bonuses and extras to play with and cash out with. There are random jackpots that are put out, as well as bonuses listed every week for you to take advantage of. They don’t only give out money though, they give out cool items and trips to other parts of the world. This can definitely be a place for you to strike it rich when it comes to all that they offer their players.


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