Grand Parker Mobile Casino

Grand Parker casino provides a lot for the player. They have sleek black features that provide a nice look for the casino that provides a clean feeling about it and makes you want to win money when it comes to playing with them. With this in mind, you also want to check out many of their games and investigate further. This is when you can find out even more about the casino that does accept US players to know if this is somewhere that you can see yourself calling home when it comes to calling the shots.


Mobile Games

They provide many different games, over 60 games to play here. They have table games and slots to choose from. A lot of the games are exciting and worth checking out, but they do not provide progressive slots like a lot of other casinos. This might be a drawback for some, but still worth checking out if you’re not big into things such as that.



The software seems to be a bit outdated compared to many of the other casinos out there which might be bothersome when it comes to using the interface. You might opt to use the Flash version which doesn’t provide as much and might be a bit slower. However, once you move past the lobby and figure out how to work it, the games are nice and move normally. They have pretty good graphics and sound as well so this is not a big issue when it comes to gaming with them. They also have a mobile version that you can download and take with you on the go.


Customer Service

Their customer service is available to talk with through email, messaging, or through the telephone. When you sign up with them, they connect you to a chat operator that will help you navigate and with deposit questions. They are friendly and helpful and are not too pushy when it comes to getting you to play the games which allows you to relax more. Definitely a good rating for the customer service department.



The banking is secure, but there is one big thing to note. They have been having problems when it comes to deposits for those players in the US. This might be something to look into prior to signing up with the casino if you’re based in the US. You’re able to deposit money using a number of methods that can be helpful to you such as e-wallets, bank accounts, and credit cards through their secure system. However, withdrawing money from them can take up to ten days and can be done through wire transfer or check. This can be bothersome but once again, something that can be put aside if needed.



They are always offering bonuses to their players since they want to make sure they are happy playing throughout their casino. They give out daily and weekly bonuses to emails, as well as up on the interface and site so make sure to check all of these areas for the day prior to depositing money. They provide free chips for just signing up without having to put money into your account. They will also match your deposits based on what you’re going to play with them. This is a good thing to look into when it comes to putting money down and being able to get twice or three times as much as what you put in.

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