Howe Caverns to Get a New Casino


When it comes to the caverns in New York State, they are to have one of the biggest and best casinos for the area. This is one casino that is going to be out and about and a resort for those that wish to come in and have a good time. Whether you want to stay and play, or if you just want to unwind and relax – this casino is going to have it all and more. The people of the area though, they are not too happy about the outcome of the decision to put it just 20 miles away from the caverns, which is a normal destination for so many traveling to and from the area, and for the residents that live in the area, as well.

When it comes these people out there considering this merger, they are not happy with the outcome because they feel that this casino is just going to fall through the cracks and end horribly like the others. In addition, they feel that this might decrease the amount of traffic going to the caverns, along with crime rates being increased. This is not what anyone wants that is in the area. They want to make sure that they are safe and sound, and that the casino does not do anything it is not supposed to do.

Consider all of the options though, and when it comes to the positives, they are thinking that they outweigh the negatives in this case. With everything from being able to provide more for the state with the earnings that are made, and also provide the jobs that the people of the area are in need of at the same time. This might be a win – win situation for all involved but the casino in question is going to be up and running within some time.

Santa Paws on Mobile Slot Versions


Santa Paws is now available throughout many different mobile casinos and you have a chance to play them when you sign up and get started. Be able to make the most of the game, and have a great time playing them, as well. This is a big thing to consider, and something that you might just want to check into for the online casino that you’re a part of. Also, if they do not offer it, then you can check around to find out if you can play with another casino and sign up with them. Do not forget to cash out on the bonus that they are offering, too!

This is a great time to spread the joy, make some cash and have some fun and you can do so with the help of this mobile version. You can play Santa Paws with the fun characters and the great adventures that await you with the help of this app. Nothing could be better than this when the time comes, and you know you’re cashing out on the benefits that come with it. This is a great time to put down some cash, get a little more fun and games and make the most of what is given.

Santa Paws provides you with the unique game play that is modeled after the popular movie, with fun, furry friends that you’re able to make the most of during this time. This is always a good way to keep the fun going during the holidays since you’re playing with some of your most favorite characters and making them stand out the most when it comes to the mobile slot version of the game, instead of having to sign onto your account through the computer.

Take Santa Paws with you wherever you go!

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Naughty List is Now an Option in Mobile Casinos


The Naughty List is where you might find yourself when it comes to choosing the mobile casino that you want to play on. You can thank Santa for whatever it is he gives you this year, because you know you’ve been naughty when you play this game. You know you’re getting everything that you can, when you can but also that you cash out on the sign up bonuses that are also coming with this fun and interactive game from some of the best casino makers out there. The holidays just got a whole lot better!

Check out Naughty List through the mobile options that your online casino provides and be able to play it in the mobile version while on the go. There are multiple mobile casinos that are offering this for their customers, and you can be the first one to play the game. Choose to move ahead, make sure to get what you can, when you can get it.

Naughty List has many bonus rolls and jackpot options that you’re able to get when you’re playing it. This game has a fun way to put their game out there, provide you with fun little pictures and make sure that you have all that you want, when you want. Go ahead, put your money in and take your first roll. We invite you to enjoy one of the most fun game out there, and it is totally new and waiting for you to play it.

So make sure that your holidays are full of fun and cheer when you take on the Naughty List and make the most of it when the time comes. Nothing could be better than this, and you can be the first one to take off, and have the best game out there right from your mobile device.


Best Casinos to play The Naughty List Slot

Trump Taj Mahal Future is a Gamble


The Trump Taj Mahal is, and has been in jeopardy for some time now. With the future of about 3,000 employees and their families at stake, a possible long term agreement was squashed last week. This pact had the approval of the major players at first, but after careful thought, Carl Icahn withdrew his support. Signed by both Trump Entertainment and the union representing the employees, Unite Here Local 54, the accord would have provided what some thought long term life for the casino.

Carl Icahn is a hedge fund investor that now owns the entire 292 million dollars of debt for Trump Entertainment Resorts. This deal would have given all of the worker’s rights back, along with full ownership of Trump Entertainment to Icahn. After crunching numbers, he saw that the casino is losing 10 million dollars a month. He has since offered to loan 20 million dollars to keep the facility running through bankruptcy proceedings. The agreement would have meant for him to invest another 100 million dollars in Trump Entertainment, which is itself bankrupt.

The closing of the Taj Mahal would be the fifth Atlantic City casino to close this year. Competition within this industry is a major factor for these closings. Surrounding areas, such as Pennsylvania have opened casinos, allowing options closer to home for their gambling and entertainment desires. With the past closings, costs are rising for casinos still open in Atlantic City. The tax base is shrinking for the city, and money helping to support the industry is in decline.

Icahn states that he is still hoping to forge an agreement with Trump, the union, and state and city authorities to shape a long term stability for the casino. With casinos and resorts opening in a number of areas within other states, the long term health of resort towns like Atlantic City and Las Vegas may need some innovative thinking.

Three casinos chosen for Upstate NY


Voters in New York chose approval for up to four non-tribal casinos to be built in the state during last year’s election. A panel was appointed for the task of vetting up to sixteen proposals in this venture. The decision was recently announced that three upstate locations have been chosen. The Gaming Facility Location Board opted for sites in Sullivan, Schenectady, and Seneca counties. Two of the deciding factors were areas that needed positive economic impact and consideration of casino overpopulation within short driving distances.

A fourth location under consideration was removed from those approved. There were six proposals in the New York City suburban Orange County. Due to environmental and financial uncertainties these bids were denied.

The Catskills town of Thompson will be the home of the Montreign Resort Casino. This will encompass an eighteen story casino and hotel complex. Empire Resorts will be the developer, adding meeting spaces and an indoor water park. A formerly blighted riverfront site being redeveloped will be home to the Rivers Casino and Resort in the city of Schenectady. The 300 million dollar effort will be part of a larger revitalization. The Lago Resort and Casino will be built in the Finger Lakes town of Tyre. It was the largest contender for the region, and will include two thousand slot machines.

The board undertook quite a task, as they received over seventy five thousand application documents. They heard from more than four hundred people during public comment sessions and read over three thousand comments over the several months before the decision was handed down. The three selected projects are believed to have the ability to support around 3,200 full time positions. There are expectations of generating 265 million dollars in tax revenues and 136 million dollars in licensing fees.